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Add security with this locking fuel door while maintaining the original functionality.



Tools Needed:


    - Small Dremel tool with 1/8 inch thick abrasive cut-off blade (this is needed to mke the slot for the lock to lock into)
    -  Rag



Note: pictures included in downloadable PDF at bottom of page.


  • 1.  

    Open the fuel door.



    Using your right hand, wrap your fingers around the edge of the fuel door closest to the car body when in the open position. With your left thumb, pull the plastic retaining clip slightly away (to the left as you face the car with the fuel door open). Now pull with your right hand toward your body. The fuel door should slide along the hinged inner door toward you about ¼ inch and then to the right and off the hinged inner door.



    Familiarize yourself with the orientation of the new fuel door and lock position. Do not yet install the fuel door as you only risk damaging it during cutting of the lock slot. When the fuel door is installed, the lock will be in the upper left as you look at the closed fuel door (about the 10 0’clock position if on a clock).



    Apply the sticker template in the upper left of the fuel cap housing where the new lock will mate to the housing. The sticker will be inside the housing, aligned with the front lip of the fuel housing where the fuel door comes to rest in the closed position and aligned with the edge of the recess for the fuel door opening plunger. The sticker has a small black dot which, when applied correctly, will be nearest the exterior of the car and door plunger (closest to you and at your left as you look into the fuel cap housing).


    5.   Carefully using the dremel, make a cutout to match the dark area of the template. This will be the slot that the arm of the lock will fit into to hold the fuel door locked closed.


    Correctly (right side up, etc.) place your new fuel door onto the hinged inner door. Six tabs will align and pass through six “windows” and slide onto the hinged inner door.


    7.   Taking care that everything clears on the first couple attempts, close and open the fuel door to ensure proper installation.

    8.   With the door in the closed position, make sure the lock is able to function properly. You may need to adjust the size or your slot cut-out.


    Wipe down your new color matched, locking fuel door and enjoy.


         Download Instructions (PDF)