Camaro Collection GM Official Licensed Products


Features & Benefits
- constructed from double-sided AR Polycarbonate, the strongest, most durable material available and 20X stronger than real glass
- AR2 double sided scratch resistent coatings
- real laser engraved logos
- high quality, custom lighting systems
- strong, unique and durable mounting systems that stand up to time and speed
- lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
- made with care right here in the USA!

What do I need to get to make the Wind Restrictor illuminate?
Each and every illuminated Wind Restrictor order ships with everything you need to make your product light up. The standard way is to get power from the head light/running lights or your brake lights.

Where are the instructions for installing the Wind Restrictor?

Complete installation instructions will be sent out with every order. These instructions will include a step by step guide with photos included. The instructions have been made as simple as possible. Light mechanical knowledge is required such as being able to turn a screw driver or attaching two wires together but nothing advanced. 90% of customers install the product themselves and 10% will take them to their local dealerships or auto accessory shop.

With the Wind Restrictor installed, is there any interference with raising or lowering the top?
No interference at all. The top is fully operational and there should be no interference from the Wind Restrictor.

Does the installation of the Wind Restrictor require any permanent alterations?
No, the Wind Restrictor is designed so that it can attach to your Camaro with the least amount of alterations. You may have to remove a screw or bolt and replace it with a different one (that will be included) that allows the mounting bracket to attach the Wind Restrictor. You will never have to drill holes or add any glue or tacky fasteners like other wind deflecting devices on the market. The entire installation process takes about 15-20 minutes. Step by step instructions are included with every order.

Is it difficult to hook up the wiring for the illumination?

No, it is actually simple. There are 2 wires; one is grounded to the body of your car by placing the negative wire behind a metal nut and tightening it and the positive wire hooks to the brake lamp or driving lamp wire located in the harness in the trunk. Step by step instructions on how to do this are included or if you would prefer to have someone else do it you can take it to a local car audio shop or dealership so they can do it for you.

How does the Wind Restrictor illuminate, and what kind of light do you use?

The Wind Restrictor uses the highest quality LED lighting on the market. A super thin high tech LED light strip is mounted to the bottom center of the WindRestrictor with a small bracket. The light strip is manufactured to be the perfect size so that the tiny high-powered 180 degree light-emitting high-powered LED’s will distribute the perfect amount of light to make the laser etching on the front of the plastic light up evenly and also make the crystal-clear edges of the Wind Restrictor glow.

What is the Extreme Lighting Kit?
The Extreme Lighting Kit allows you to change between 8 colors via a remote control device. Includes several fading and step functions as well.

How soon will I get my Wind Restrictor?
Due to the custom nature and the quality of work involved in producing each Wind Restrictor, it may take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.