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Camaro Ignition Key Plate Instructions



Tools Needed:


    - Isopropyl Alcohol
    - Rag



Note: pictures included in downloadable PDF at bottom of page.

  •   1.   Locate the space on the dash behind the ignition where your new ignition key plate will fit (same shape is a recessed area in the dash next to the steering column).
      2.   Clean this area with your rag and isopropyl alcohol or the new part will not stick to the dash.

      3.   Remove the backing of the double sided adhesive tape on the back of the ignition key plate.

      4.   Align, press, and hold, for 2-3 minutes, the ignition key plate to the dash to ensure that it sticks.

      5.   Wipe down you new color matched, ignition key plate and enjoy!

           Download Instructions (PDF)