Camaro Collection GM Official Licensed Products

Camaro Automatic Shift Knob

Fits GM Factory Shifter


Tools Needed:


    - Torx Driver
    -  1/8" Allen Wrench



      1.   Make sure your car is in park and the emergency brake is set.

      2.   Remove the screw cover on the lower front (closest to dash) face of the shift knob.

      3.   Remove the torx head screw that is revealed under the cover from step one.

      4.   Pull the stock shift knob off the shift shaft.

      5.   Familiarize yourself with your new shifter. It is comprised of multiple pieces, but you do not need to take it apart. There is a lower set screw which will be used to hold the shifter onto the car and there is a second set screw that allows the upper spring loaded part of the shifter to slide and stay on the lower half of the shifter. These   screws will be facing the front (dash) of the car.

      6.   Slide your new automatic shift knob onto the shift shaft. You may need to move the plastic louver and get the lower part of the shifter to fit into cut-out.

      7.   Tighten the set screw in the lower portion of the new shift knob so that it tightens and holds onto the shift shaft. The head of the screw should be recessed into the body of the shifter now. The height at which the shifter is held on will determine if the shift mechanism works correctly. Too low, and the shifter will always shift and not lock into park. Too high, and you will not be able to unlock from park even when pushing down on the shifter.

      8.   With your foot on the brake and the key turned in the ignition test the shifter functionality. If you do not push down on the shifter, it should not move out of park. With the shift knob pushed down, it should shift out and back into park. Make sure that once you go back to park, it locks in when the shift knob is not pressed down.

           Download Instructions (PDF)