Camaro Knit Stocking Cap

Item #: SE2-MC744|SE2-MC745|SE2-MC746|SE2-MC747|SE2-MC748|SE2-MC749|SE2-


Take your pick! Made from soft organic cotton, this classic knit cap comes with embroidered hood stripes in most of the standard Camaro colors. One size fits most. Imported.

SE2-MC744 - Green
SE2-MC745 - Red
SE2-MC746 - Blue
SE2-MC747 - Silver
SE2-MC748 - Dark Red
SE2-MC749 - Grey
SE2-MC750 - Yellow
SE2-MC751 - White
SE2-MC752 - Orange
SG2-MC198 - Blue Ray (2014)
SG2-MC199 - Red Hot (2014)
SG2-MC200 - Bright Yellow (2014)
SG2-MC201 - Red Rock (2014)

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Camaro Knit Stocking Cap

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