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Each meticulously crafted and GM-licensed part is made from premium aluminum billet and finished with a durable OEM color-matched paint coat as rich and lustrous as the one on your Camaro. Mounting hardware included. Fits all 2010-2012 Camaros. (Gear shifters for 2013 models coming soon.) One year manufacturer’s warranty.

SF3-XA052    Rally Yellow
SF3-XA053    Ashen Gray
SF3-XA054    Black
SF3-XA055    Crystal Red
SF3-XA056    Imperial Blue
SF3-XA057    Inferno Orange
SF3-XA058    Silver Ice
SF3-XA059    Summit White
SF3-XA060    Victory Red
SF3-XA136    Synergy Green

Shipped directly from manufacturer.
Please allow up to 10-14 business days for delivery.
May only be shipped using Standard Shipping
  • Ashen Gray
  • Black
  • Crystal Red
  • Imperial Blue
  • Inferno Orange
  • Rally Yellow
  • Silver Ice
  • Summit White
  • Synergy Green
  • Victory Red

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Camaro Color-Matched Manual Gear Shifter -Bowtie Logo

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